2015 Running and Fitness Plans and Goals


We’re almost halfway through the first month of 2015. The year is already flying by! Like many people, I want 2015 to be a great year. I have to admit I’m not into the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I noticed something different this year on social media among fitness friends. People are setting concrete goals they want to achieve. There’s something about the word “goal” that gives it a bit more credence. What do you think?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my running and fitness plans and goals for 2015, which required a reflection on the past year. I ran a lot of fun races in 2014. Some of the highlights include:

1. My first marathonScreen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.40.19 PM2. My second marathon.
3. Setting PRs in 5k, 10k, half and full distances.

I’m pretty proud of those accomplishments, but there are definitely some things I’d like to do in 2015 that cover both running and fitness in general.

1. I want to improve my marathon time. I picked a tough race with the Gettysburg North South Marathon to do that, but hopefully my training will go well. Even if it’s just a couple minutes that will still be an improvement.

2. Make the most of my gym memberships. I’m still going to Ki’netik, but also joined Anytime Fitness. I also still go to PYP for cycle.

3. Get my sweet tooth under control and eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible. So far, so good!

4. Tone up. I’m not so much worried about the number on the scale as I am about losing some inches for a more toned, fit appearance. I’m hoping the effort I put in running and in the gym, as well as improvements in my diet will make this more realistic.

So how am I going to accomplish these goals? Well, first I changed marathon training plans. I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 for my first two and it worked great. I ran the Marine Corps at a consistent pace the entire 26.2 miles and did improve my time by a few minutes. But I feel like I can improve more. I switched to the Novice 2 program, which has pace runs one day a week. So far I’ve been on the treadmill because of very chilly weather for them, but am looking forward to moving outside and doing hill repeats, as well.

I’m slowly figuring out how to make the most of my gym memberships. I am going 9x/month at Ki’netik, which works out to 2x/week. I’m going to supplement by going to Anytime 2-4x/week for cardio (especially if it’s bad weather), as well as strength training. I will also supplement with cycle at PYP when I can fit it in.

In regards to my diet, this is tough. I felt like I went a little out of control indulging my sweet tooth the last few months. It somehow didn’t result in weight gain thankfully, but maybe my workouts were just helping me break even. But, I just didn’t feel good physically and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I don’t feel I’m doing anything drastic now as much as just making good decisions. I have a good breakfast each morning and I take a piece of fruit and a KIND bar for snacks at work. I have a protein shake (I’m using GNC’s Lean 25) for lunch, nuts or fruit in the afternoon for a snack, and then a healthy dinner that usually includes a lean meat, rice or vegetables. I decided to use Saturday as a cheat day, but not a day to go absolutely nuts. Honestly, I already feel better!

My final goal is something only time will tell. Hopefully the changes I’m making and my other goals will have a positive effect and help me find success in that area too.

I’m currently trying to make a race calendar, but haven’t had much time. So far the only thing scheduled is the Gettysburg North South Marathon in April. Hopefully I’ll get to add several 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons to my list very soon.

Tonight I’m off to a free private session with the trainer at Anytime. He used to coach at Ki’netik before moving to Virginia. He’s now back. He’s tough, but I’m looking forward to it!

Question: What are your 2015 goals?



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