Review: Anytime Fitness with Personal Session


As you may recall, I recently joined another gym called Anytime Fitness. It’s a national franchise, but it’s small in scale so it has a more personal feel than some of the other national chains. In fact, this one has a membership cap since it’s the only one in our area, which ensures it will never be super crowded.

Anytime is currently offering a free personal session with their trainer. He actually used to work at Ki’netik but moved to Virginia. He recently returned with his wife since she got a job at the University. He has a ton of great experience in the fitness industry, is passionate about it, and since I’ve worked with him in the past, I knew it would be a good experience.

I met him Tuesday after work and we sat down and talked about what I was currently doing, my goals, my diet, any injuries, etc. He took measurements and made notes and then we headed over to do a strength workout.

It was awesome…and tough! We started with hang cleans, then moved to wide bent-over rows. Next were Arnold presses, a new one for me but not easy. Then we did bent lateral raises to finish out the arms. For abs we did a weighted abdominal extension from decline, then bench back extensions. For legs we did squats and deadlifts. Then he pulled together a workout for me that I can do every other day. Here it is!

  • 65 lb hang clean to front squat
  • 60 lb wide bent-over row on EZ bar
  • 15 lb Arnold press
  • 10 lb bent lateral raise
  • 20 lb abdominal extension from decline
  • 70.5 lb bench back extension
  • (alternate) 85 lb squat and 115 lb deadlift

3 sets with 8-12 reps each.

For each exercise, we started out light to ensure my form was correct before we determined a weight that I could do with proper form while still being challenge. For example, a 70.5 lb bench back extension might sound nuts. However, there are a couple things to consider. Without weight it was hard to not over extend and arch my back. As we added weight, while I could do it just fine it was still too easy. The 70.5 lb kettle bell is heavy, but I could do it and do it well.

It was a great workout and I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym to do it myself. I used to do this type of workout in high school, and combined with how much I was dancing (tap, ballet, jazz, etc.) I was in great shape. Now my cardio is mainly running, but I’m looking forward to positive outcomes.

We’ll look to update my workout in the next month or so as weights get easier. I’ve recommended to other new members of Anytime to not miss the opportunity to work with the trainer. He’s there to help and it’s a great opportunity.

Now on to Anytime, the gym. I really like the facility. It’s not big, but it’s very nice. The bathrooms are individual so you go in, lock the door and you have a shower, sink and toilet to yourself. They offer both lockers and cubbies for your gear. Most of their equipment is Precor, but they also boast a Jacob’s ladder as well as all the free weight strength equipment. I have enjoyed my treadmill runs because each machine has its own screen so you can listen to music, watch TV, and access the web.

The gym also has a studio where you can take virtual classes. You pick a class from the many in the computer system and it projects it onto the wall and you can follow along. The classes get updated every few months so you don’t get bored, although there’s so many it would be hard to get through them all anyway!

I’m looking forward to figuring out my schedule to make my workouts at Anytime and Ki’netik, as well as my running all fit together well. I know there will be some give and take, but I think it’ll work out (no pun intended…well sorta) just fine!

If you have an Anytime Fitness in your area, consider checking it out. The memberships are reasonably priced and you have access to all 2000 other clubs across the country if you’re traveling.


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