#RaceRecap: Lewisburg Frosty 5k


My first race of 2015 was a success! I’m so glad I made the trek out to Lewisburg for their 4th annual Frosty 5k. I tried to get some other runner friends to tag along but to no avail. It ended up being fun on my own.

I was very pleased with my time as I PR’d with a 23:40, about 40 seconds faster than my previous best. That time was also set in Lewisburg. I also placed second in my age group (21-30). About 125 people participated. I was the 6th overall female and the 15th overall finisher. I think my interval running on the treadmill is paying off!

Not too shabby!

Not too shabby!

This was the second 5k I’ve run in Lewisburg and it followed the same course as the previous but in reverse. It’s a mostly flat course, but run in reverse it places a hill, albeit a very small one, in the last 1/4 miles or so. The weather was chilly, in the mid-20s around race time, but not windy and there was no snow or rain.

Overall I thought the race was very well organized. Packet pick-up and on-site registration was in the Campus Theater on Market Street. The old movie theater is incredible. The restoration work gave it so much of its original charm. It was also nice to have a warm place to hang out before the race.

There was a bit of confusion at the start as the lead cyclist wasn’t sure about the first turn. After that got straightened out, the mayor counted us down and off we went. While the course was open to traffic, they were mostly side streets so there were minimal cars around and the volunteers did a nice job of keeping runners safe. Some of them even cheered us on, which was nice.

The finish line was stocked with bananas, trail mix, water, coffee, and a variety of wings. I hung out there for a bit, but decided to go back to the theater to keep warm and stretch out while we waited for the final results. After I got my medal I took a little bit to check out the ice sculptures on Market Street, which were part of the winter festival, before heading home.







I followed up the race on Saturday with a long run on Sunday to keep up with marathon training. My friend Bill, who ran the Surf City Marathon last Sunday, was back in town. We got to 5 miles and he decided he’d just head back to the car, which would total 10 miles, as he was feeling the jet lag. I didn’t have my gps watch so I attempted to mentally map out 9 more miles. That can be tough as our brains tend to think we’ve always gone farther than we have!

The rest of my run went well, minus some snowy trail running that slowed me down for about a 1/2 mile before I got to pavement again. Thankfully the trail had tire tracks so I wasn’t creating my own. Once I got back to the car I went home and mapped my route and found I had run 13.5. Not 14, but I was happy with that considering.

I had grand plans for the afternoon before I picked Gabe up at the airport. However, snuggling with Frasier was about all I got done. After two days (and nights) of craziness, he had finally tuckered himself out sufficiently to snuggle on the couch. I didn’t want to disturb him so I decided to just relax.



Question: How was your weekend? Have you run any races yet in 2015?



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