Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 30

5 Postrun Habits You Need to Stop Now (Source:

5 Postrun Habits You Need to Stop Now (Source:

I came across an article from PopSugar Fitness via Women’s Running magazine’s Facebook page. With a headline like “5 Postrun Habits You Need to Stop Now” I couldn’t pass up clicking on it. I had a feeling I knew what some of them were before I even started reading. Here’s a quick summary and a few thoughts from me.

1. You don’t stretch – The article suggests taking 10 minutes post run to stretch. I do a few stretches, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken 10 minutes unless I’ve been caught up in a conversation. I do try to use a foam roller when I get home or before or after a workout at the gym. What about you? Do you make it a point to stretch after a run or use a foam roller?

2. You don’t refuel – Or in some cases, you refuel a bit too well ūüėČ It’s important to refuel, especially if you’ve been on a long run or it’s hot and humid. I usually don’t have an issue grabbing something to eat after a run, although I’ve recently been putting more effort into ensuring that it’s a snack or meal that’s healthy as opposed to a stack of pancakes or a candy bar. One area I need to work on is my water intake. I’ve come to realize that I basically operate in a dehydrated state most of the time, which explains why me and the heat and humidity of summer are not friends. I’ve definitely been trying to make hydrating a routine part of my day. It has a lot of¬†benefits.

3. Speaking of hydrating…you don’t drink enough water – As I mentioned, this is a huge problem area for me. For some reason I am pretty good about hydrating leading up to a race and during a race, but other than that I’m pretty terrible at it. It’s not like I’m subbing in other drinks for water (i.e. soda, Gatorade, juice, etc.). I’m just not drinking at all. So…HYDRATE!

4. You don’t change out of your workout clothes – The article gives a myriad of reasons to get out of your sweaty clothes pronto. I’m usually pretty good about this myself, but sometimes you get home and you get preoccupied and before you know it it’s been a few hours.

5. You don’t schedule your next run – Regardless of whether you had a good run or a tough one, it’s important to look forward to your next one. I try to map out my week early on so I know when I’m going to do my runs and workouts. Sometimes things come up so I move things around, but the commitment is already there so it’s a lot harder to blow it off.

Don’t forget to check out the complete article¬†with all¬†the tips and tricks! Hopefully you’ll learn something new and be inspired to address a bad habit.

Question: Do you have any postrun/workout habits that need to change, or do you have any tips for the rest of us?


One thought on “Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 30

  1. I’m pretty good about most of these with the major exception of not stretching properly. I usually run for the full amount of time I have and then I jump right into the next activity of the day. I know I need to be better about that.

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