#RaceRecap: Rodney Myers Memorial Egg Hill 10-Miler

We placed in our respective age groups!

We placed in our respective age groups!

I completed my second race of 2015 yesterday with the Rodney Myers Memorial Egg Hill 10-Miler. It benefits a local high school track & field team. I think it was the 12th annual running, but it was my first time.

It was about 15-20 minutes outside of State College, starting and ending at an old elementary school turned community center. They had both a solo run and a relay option.

They started off the race with a canon shot. Even though I was expecting it, it still made me jump. Not sure how anyone tolerated those things during the Civil War…it felt like an earthquake and it was only one.

I knew going in that the course had a challenging hill to start. It was between miles 2 and 3 leading into the first transition zone. Apparently it was the most difficult of the course, but I’m going to have to disagree. The next two miles were mostly rolling hills with pretty views. After a pretty long descent, we turned onto a well maintained gravel road that had a nice steep ascent. Apparently that first hill is only .3 miles, but it definitely felt a lot longer. It’s followed by a few more moderate ascents before it levels out.

The final transition zone was at mile 8 and the course remains flat to the finish. I missed the 9-mile marker and after a certain point I started thinking that if I saw the 9-mile marker I was not going to be a happy camper. Thankfully, the next thing I saw was the finish line.

Here's a look at the elevation for the Egg Hill 10-miler.

Here’s a look at the elevation for the Egg Hill 10-miler.

After the race they raffled off a bike from a local bike shop and several gift cards before handing out awards. I ended up second in my age group with a 1:24:36. My friend Ivy took third in her age group with a 1:26. I wasn’t really sure what time I would have so I’m satisfied with how I did although I think I could’ve done better. I had some issues early on in the race because my laces were too tight so I had to stop and redo them twice.

It was nice to have the bag engraved.

It was nice to have the back engraved.

Despite the challenge, I think I’d definitely do the race again. It was a good training run for me and I think I’ll be throwing a few more hills into my final training runs during the next five weeks in preparation for Gettysburg.

My next race is March 28 with the Mile Run Trail Challenge. I actually need to do 19 miles that day, so I might be doing a 10k after I get home to get the mileage in. We’ll see!

Did anyone run this weekend, either for fun or in a race (or both)?


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