Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 33

PC: Women's Running

PC: Women’s Running

Do you use an app to track your runs? I do occasionally, such as when I’ve mapped out a course for a long run and won’t remember it or if I want to be really precise about my training time. A lot of people track their runs. There are so many apps out there like MapMyRun, Nike+, Runtastic and more.

Have you ever thought about using or have used an app for running safety? I have considered it but have never done it. I live in a relatively safe area where lots of people are out running regardless of the time of year. I’d probably be more apt to use one if I lived in a different area or ran mostly on my own. I’m thankful for often having running friends with me.

I recently saw a post on the Women’s Running Facebook page about running apps to keep you safe. The two they featured, which are pictured above, are Glympse and RunSafe. Glympse is free, while RunSafe offers both a free and subscription based service. You can learn more about each of these apps from Women’s Running.

While we’re on the topic of safety and runnings apps, RoadID also has a free app that offers similar features as the ones above. I also highly recommend getting a RoadID for yourself, family members and even your pet. I’ve had mine for over a year and just purchased four new bands just to change up the color once in awhile. I never take mine off. If you need even the least bit of convincing, just read the testimonials.

On that note, I’m off to the Lancaster area for the night for the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day to run on Saturday. I’ll be back with a recap of the race next week.

Do you use any specific running (or cycling, walking, swimming, etc) apps to track your runs and/or keep you safe? 


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