Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 34



Happy Friday!

How many of you guys sit at a desk for most of your day? I know there are days when I feel like I haven’t moved. That’s not good, you know?

While I try to always head out during lunch be it for a workout, errands, or just to run home since it’s so close, it never feels like enough. I’ve started to be more conscious of how long I’m sitting.  Ideally I’d get up and move once an hour, but sometimes I just plain forget. Regardless, when I do remember I get up and try to either go for a short walk around the floor or building, or I do some quick exercises like squats, calf raises, pushups against my desk and lunges.

This conscious desire to move more inspired me to look for an office workout I could share in my weekly “Pinspire Me Friday” post. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I started searching Pinterest. A lot of the “office workouts” that popped up didn’t require you to actually get out of your chair. I think we’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking. Why would we want to do a workout that keeps our butts in our chairs?

After a bit of scrolling I came across the above workout from Nicole over at Pumps & Iron. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of an office workout. The best part is you don’t have to be in workout gear to get it done, although the squats might be a bit tough in a pencil skirt 😉 I do love her workout gear though!

Thankfully I have my own office, but I know that’s not the case for a lot of people. Cubicles aren’t exactly private. In that case, maybe consider modifying the exercises to something that will work better in your small and less private space, or step away from your desk, maybe head outside or to the break room at off-peak times. Even if someone sees you, maybe you’ll inspire them to get more movement into their day too!

Do you try to get in mini workouts during your day at work? What are some of your favorite moves that could be done at work?



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