A Need for Speed


Oops, it’s been a bit since my last post. Sorry about that! Life took over and I just didn’t have a chance to post.

So since I made the decision awhile back to focus on shorter distances in my running, specifically the half marathon for much of the remainder of 2015, I was trying to figure out ways to improve my speed. I’ve done hill repeats and interval runs on the treadmill, but I had hoped to be more focused. Sadly hiring a running coach is not an option.

I got lucky though when a trainer friend of mine offered me a training plan he’d put together to improve his speed. It’d be tailored to me based on my 5k time. It has a track workout, a short run and a long run each week. I could probably add in an extra short run, but I’d say three runs a week is pretty normal for me. My shins get a lil upset when I run too much so I’ve learned keeping runs spaced out during the week keeps them happy. I also strength train, do circuit training, I’ve recently added yoga to the mix and occasionally I sneak in a cycling class.

Even though my PR in a 5k is 23:37, we plugged it in as 25 minutes in the excel spreadsheet because it is summer time and I don’t like the heat. Who does? I did my first track workout last night. It was beautiful out, even with a small passing rain cloud. The workout was 8×400 with a 1:51 pace per lap and a 1 lap recovery walk or jog. My friend Ivy tagged along and we ended up cutting the recovery walk down to only a 1/2 lap walk. Maybe it was a fluke, but we averaged probably 1:47ish per lap. We had two over 1:51, the first one and the second-to-last one. I was happy with our overall consistency. It was challenging, but felt good.

A beautiful view of Mt. Nittany at track level.

A beautiful view of Mt. Nittany at track level.

While I don’t have a half marathon on the horizon, I am planning to run a 5k at the end of the month, as well as a 10-miler in mid-July. It’ll be interesting to see how those go if I can keep up with this training plan.

Looking forward to some circuit training today, as well as a short run after work.

Are you running this week?


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