Friday Five: Favorite Summer Activities


In place of my normal Friday post, I decided to join a link up with You Signed Up For What?, Mar on the Run, and Eat Pray Run DC called Friday Five. This week’s theme is Favorite Summer Activities. Make sure to check out the blogs of each host, as well as all the others who have linked up!

My favorite summer activities are a bit all over the place and some can definitely be enjoyed at other times of the year too, well depending on where you live.

1. Family beach trip to South Carolina.

Love this early morning view.

Love this early morning view.

I think we’ve been going down to South Carolina since at least 1986. My grandparents retired to Surfside Beach and so we always had a place to stay, a 5 minute drive to the beach. Eventually, my grandparents moved a bit further south to the Litchfield Beach/Pawley’s Island area. It’s a little quieter and they have strict building codes for ocean areas so there aren’t high rise condos and hotels. There’s also a large ocean front state park. While the beach is the main draw, there is still plenty to do if you want to be busy and Myrtle Beach and all its attractions are just a short 45 minute drive up the highway.

2. The annual beach trip with my college girls. 

I know, I know…it’s still the beach. But it’s different since it’s with my college girlfriends. We usually hit a beach in New Jersey, Delaware or Maryland since we all live between New York and Virginia. We’ve been doing it since the summer after freshman year of college. We haven’t all been to every trip, but it’s really become a tradition for us. This will be the 11th time and we’ll be heading to a beach in New Jersey. We picked a quieter beach this year, content to just spend time together on the beach. But if we want to go out, there is a fun trolley we can hop to hit some nightlife.

This was from 2013 in Delaware and we're missing one friend who was then living in Australia.

This was from 2013 in Delaware and we’re missing one friend who was then living in Australia.

3. Working on my garden.

While we had an herb garden last year, we decided to branch out and try vegetables this year. We have 4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of peppers, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash. So far I’ve found a cucumber, a pepper and two tomatoes growing. We’ll see what else we get as summer moves along. I’m really enjoying this new endeavor and hope I always had space for at least a potted garden of some kind.

This was taken right after planting. The plants have all grown so much since then.

This was taken right after planting. The plants have all grown so much since then.

4. Running in hot summer races.

Ok, I’m kidding about the hot part. I really am not the biggest fan of running in the heat, but I make do running early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun isn’t as intense and it’s not as warm. While there aren’t a ton of races in the summer months, we do have a few local ones I like to do. One is the Crack ‘O Dawn 5k and the other is the annual ArtsFest 5k/10k/10-miler. This year I’m opting to do the 10-miler and crossing my fingers it’s not 90 degrees with 100% humidity that morning.

This is from last year's ArtsFest race. I did the 10k.

This is from last year’s ArtsFest race. I did the 10k.

5. Visiting the apiaries where Gabe does his research.

I never thought I’d find myself surrounded by hives of buzzing honeybees. But I’ve learned so much about them and so many other insects. It’s really an enjoyable part of the summer to go help Gabe out in the lab or with the hives. They’re fascinating little creatures!

Never thought I'd do this either!

Never thought I’d do this either!

While I don’t get summers off, I do enjoy attempting to make the most of these months. There are a lot of activities I could have highlighted here in this list…going to the pool, hiking, going to weddings (that has definitely been a constant for the past few summers), traveling, camp fires, and so much more. The list might be never ending!

What are your favorite summer activities?


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Summer Activities

  1. Great summer fun! I also love the beach,am back on track training for a triathlon on June 27th (now that my ankle has healed nicely) and hoping to take a European family vacation this year…wouldn’t Paris and the French countryside be cool! We’ll see 🙂

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