#FridayFive: 4th of July!


Once again I’m taking part in the Friday Five linkup hosted by You Signed Up for What?, Mar on the Run, and Eat Pray Run, DC. You can join in on the fun too. Visit one of their blogs for the rules, write your blog and post your link!

Let me start off by saying, Happy Independence Day!!


Many of you probably have today off. Because Independence Day is on the weekend, we don’t get Friday or Monday off. We are allocated a “compensatory holiday” that we can use later. So when I go to use a vacation day next, I’ll get to save it and log it as a compensatory holiday instead. If Independence Day was today or another weekday, we’d have the day off.

You’re probably wondering why I keep saying “Independence Day” rather than “4th of July.” Well as someone pointed out to me this morning, tomorrow is more than just a date. It’s a part of our country’s history and should be remembered as such. Just like Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the holiday is about more than fireworks, cookouts and swimming in the pool or whatever other activities you associate the holiday with but really have little to do with it. Take some time to re-familiarize yourself with our country’s history, the good and bad, and understand the true meaning behind Independence Day. Consider how far we’ve come and how far we still can and need to go.

But anyway, I digress.

So what am I up to this weekend?

1. Studying for the NASM exam.

My test date is coming up. I’m getting nervous. It’s just a ton of information. I am really enjoying learning it though. I’m hoping to spend the rest of the month reviewing so I’ll be as confident as possible when I head to take the exam.

2. Running the Firecracker 4k as part of the Central Pennsylvania 4th Fest.

This will be the second time I’ve run this race, but not because I haven’t been in town. I just always had other things to do that morning. The first time I ran it, the course was brutal. Due to an insane amount of campus construction and road closures, the entire course ran around the big commuter parking lots at the stadium. Seriously, 2.5 miles of parking lot running on a hot July day.

There aren’t many road closures, if any, this year. The course takes you on a nice trip through campus, which means there will be some shade. It’ll also help the participants spread out a bit more since the race does attract a big crowd. It’s not supposed to be nearly as hot as past years so that’s always a bonus.

My friend, Lauren, is coming to run it too. She’s in town visiting her in-laws and has a long run planned for tomorrow morning. She’ll be running 7 miles to the race, running the race and then running 7 miles back home. She’s one of the people that keeps me motivated. She’s accomplished so much!

3. Getting in a few other workouts, including cycle and strength training.

I’m hoping after the race to head over to Anytime Fitness to get in most, if not all, of my strength training routine. I’ve discovered from my studying that the workout the trainer gave me is a horizontally loaded workout. This means I do all sets of a particular exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

In addition, Lauren and I are hitting up a cycle class at a local studio on Sunday morning. She thought this would be better than dragging all her gear up from Virginia. Since we live so far apart, it’ll be nice to get in two workouts together in one weekend.

4. Making these fun dipped pretzels for a get-together tomorrow.


I made these at Christmas using Christmas sprinkles. They were a Pinterest find and a big hit with everyone I gave them to. I decided to do them again for this holiday weekend. We’re going over to a friend’s for a cookout before coming back home to watch the fireworks. Hopefully everyone enjoys them and how festive they will hopefully look.

5. Watching the amazing Central Pennsylvania 4th Fest fireworks show that’s set to music all from the backyard.

We have a great fireworks display here. It’s an all-volunteer event and each year they do a great job designing the show and pulling it off. The display is set to music and even if you’re not sitting near the site, but are watching from your yard or some other location with a view you can hear the music thanks to one of the local radio stations. The display is also the finale to a great day and festival with music, food and family fun.

What are your plans for Independence Day weekend?


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