Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 40


Need a reason to run? Here are 15!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Source: Cosmopolitan

My personal favorite reasons on this list include #5, #6, #8 and #15.

For me, running solo has taught me to push myself. I remember going out for my first long run alone. It was a 14-miler. I was worried I wouldn’t mentally be able to do it. It was beautiful that day so I decided to be positive going into it. I mapped out a new course around town to change things up and I had a great playlist. It went really well as I recall.

Since then, solo long runs haven’t been so scary. When I went to do my 20-miler in April in preparation for Gettysburg I had company for the first 6 miles, but I was on my own for the rest. I also couldn’t rely on music because it wouldn’t be allowed during the race. Again, I mapped out a new course to keep things fresh, had hydration with me and just focused on getting it done. I don’t know if 20 miles ever felt so good.

I enjoy running, even on the hard days, because let’s be honest it’s not always easy. Some how though it does seem to make me feel better, stronger, more ready to face other challenges.

Running also gives me an opportunity to spend time outside. I work inside at a desk for a nice portion of the day. A run guarantees me some time outside and often some much needed Vitamin D. Sometimes it’s only a short run, but those long runs on the weekends that last a couple hours more than make up for it.

Finally, it really does give me goals to work toward. I remember thinking I’d never do a half marathon and how big a deal it felt to run my first 10-miler. Then I said I wouldn’t run a marathon. But after running a few half marathons, I wanted another challenge and decided running a marathon was it. Since accomplishing both of those, I’ve set my goals toward improving my PRs. It’s also given me goals outside of running like becoming stronger and making sure I’m fueling my body as best I can to perform to the best of my ability.

So these are just 15 reasons to run and there are probably an infinite amount more. Think about it. What gets you out the door?

Why do you run?


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