Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 41


It’s Friday! How great is that? I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend that hopefully includes a trip or two to the gym, some pool time and a long run. I’ll probably be out in my garden too! We have soooo many tomatoes turning red all at the same time. Hmmm maybe some homemade sauce is in our future!?!

I had been hoping to dive back into my fitness routine after our trip out west, but I wasn’t so lucky. Soon after walking in the door at Ki’netik on Tuesday, I tweaked my neck and shoulders. It seemed like my upper trapezius and the levator scapulae just seized up. I could feel the knots.

That night I tried hot compresses and stretching, but nothing seemed to help. I popped some Advil (not my preferred method of dealing with things) and went to bed. Wednesday I ended up leaving work early as sitting at my desk was really difficult. I spent about 3 hours with a heating pad before my yoga balls popped into my head. Seriously, I can’t believe it took more than 24 hours for me to remember I had them and how great they are.

Not sure I've ever been so thankful for these!

Not sure I’ve ever been so thankful for these!

So I literally just laid on them in different spots for almost an hour. It made a huge difference and provided relief almost immediately. They’re seriously really great and I highly recommend purchasing your own set if you have areas that a foam roller just won’t work or you need something that can get in there a bit deeper. I first used them in a Restorative yoga class and have been hooked ever since. I found mine on Amazon at a reasonable price…and who doesn’t love Prime shipping?

I made it through a full day of work yesterday, but over lunch I did spend some time again rolling with the balls and later applied some Biofreeze. I was really disappointed to not be working out, but I didn’t want to aggravate the muscles again after I’d made so much progress. I decided to try to find a circuit on Pinterest that I could easily do in my office (or at home) that wouldn’t focus so much on those muscles.

I lucked out and found a short 5 minute circuit from Tara over at A Daily Dose of Fit that I had pinned almost a year ago. It was perfect!

workoutI made two minor modifications. Since I was in my office, I did incline tricep pushups using my desk and I did bicycle crunches instead of mountain climbers. This proved to be the perfect quick  workout to get my heart rate up a bit and get me moving. I was also in clothes that permitted these types of movements. Obviously I wouldn’t be doing those in a dress!

Another nice part of this workout is that you could easily make it longer. Add another round and/or increase the sets to 45 seconds.

Today I’m heading back to the gym to get one more piece of the endurance challenge completed. Today is 15 miles on the bike. Monday I have to do the 1,500m climb on Jacob’s ladder. Hopefully the 8-mile run I have planned for Sunday won’t tucker me out too much when it comes to getting a good time.

Wish me luck!

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me your plans!



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