Wow, it’s Wednesday already?

That means only one more day of work for me before a three-day weekend. I’m heading up to the Finger Lakes for a wine-tasting weekend for my friend’s 30th. We’ve rented a house and have a limo to take us around to the wineries. We’re also planning to go hiking on Friday once everyone arrives. I’m also planning this week’s long run on Friday so I can run around the area. It should be a great weekend.

I came up with the workout below last week while I was on vacation, hence the missed #WorkoutWednesday post. I tried to incorporate some different exercises while hitting a wide variety of body parts.


I enjoy superset workouts. When we do them at  Ki’netik, it makes the workout go by really fast for me for some reason. I also like that you always end up working really hard. They’re a nice change of pace too.

Hope you’re having a great week!

What’s your favorite kind of workout or workout class?

Disclaimer: Please always consult a physician or other qualified health professional before beginning a fitness program. If I share any workouts, remember that we have not discussed your personal fitness needs and I can’t be sure if a workout is right for you. Proceed accordingly.


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