I thought instead of creating a new workout this week that I’d give you a peek at what my trainer friend Matt has put together for me. We’ve recently made some changes to it and I will say the legs portion is quite challenging. Just as Matt said it would be. Check it out.

WorkoutWed5Back in January, Matt came up with a program for me that would complement my running, as well as what I do at Ki’netik. The goal was to get trimmer, improve my strength and ultimately my speed. I achieved all three, including losing a few inches, PRing in a half in April and taking 20 minutes off my marathon time.

After taking some time off I found myself back at the drawing board. I needed some change to get back on track. I don’t know if I was burnt out or just stressed out or what, but in August I finally got that itch that had been missing for awhile. I was excited to tackle new challenges and goals.

I met with Matt after my vacation and we made some updates to my program. We also redid my measurements so we have a new baseline to work off of. Initially Matt said I might only do these new exercises once per week until my strength improves. On the other days I can do my old program or any mix of other exercises I’ve been incorporating. Let me just say, I was quite sore from the new exercises so last night was only the second time I’ve done them.

Here’s how it goes for the new exercises. You might remember that with my old program I was doing 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. With the new stuff, the goal is 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps.

I do the kettle bell snatches with a 30lb kettle bell in triples, aka 3 per side until I get 15 reps per side and 3-4 sets total. I like these and they’re a nice change from the hang cleans. The rotational chest press is also interesting and challenging. I definitely start to feel these in the second set with 25lb dumbbells. The wide leg barbell squat is a favorite. I love squats. Previously I was doing a regular barbell squat, but now it’s more of a sumo squat with my legs wider and feet turned out. With the deficit deadlift I’m standing on a 45lb bumper plate. I have to squat down and lift the bar. The important things for me to remember with this are to keep my back flat (not hunched or arched) and keep the bar close to my body the whole way up and down.

So that’s a look at my program. My goal is to strength train 2-3 days a week, while running 3-4 days and visiting Ki’netik 2 days too. Some days that will mean two workouts a day. It’s nice because I can change things up as needed and as my body allows. The important thing is to listen to my body and what it needs.

What are some of your favorite strength exercises, either with weights or without? 


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