#FridayFive: Five Things I Love


To get me in the right zone to write this post, I started reading the many Friday Five posts already shared via the link up. It’s so great to see all the different things people love and enjoy. Such a positive way to start a Friday!


So here we go with this week’s Friday Five: Five Things I Love.

1. Running – Well that was a given! Someone recently asked me how I got into running. I was a dancer for 19 years, but I think my first foray into running was playing lacrosse my senior year of high school. Dance, which I miss very much, had made me into a very fit person and the footwork and fitness carried well into running. I was fast. I might not have been all that great at lacrosse, but I could at least run the ball down the field.

I ran my first 5k that year and then followed with one or two each year during college. My senior year I took “jogging” as a class for a kinesiology credit. It’s still called “jogging” by the way. I wish they’d change the name. Anyway, it really improved my 5k time since I was running twice a week in class, and we were supposed to run at least once more per week on our own.

After my year living and working in Syracuse, N.Y. and running periodically there, my love of running really took hold when I found others to run with where I live now. While I do more running on my own now than I used to, running with those friends really helped me improve and tackle new distances. Now I just love the challenges running presents me and how awesome it is to overcome them.

2. Reading – I’ve loved reading since I was little. I remember in first grade we would get certificates signed by the principal each time we’d reach a new milestone. Even though my principal was scary, it was kind of a big deal.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.44.35 AMOne of my favorite books is called “Granny Dan” by Danielle Steel. I know, it’s not a classic, but it’s about a ballerina and I really enjoy it. It’s probably the only book I’ve ever read multiple times.

I don’t really have a particular genre that I gravitate to normally. I enjoy everything from history to romance to the classics and more. I’m currently reading a nonfiction book called “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor. I’m reading it on my kindle. It’s not very long and it’s interesting. Despite it being written by a neuroanatomist, she wrote it in a way that it’s understandable for those of us without science or biology backgrounds. I definitely recommend it.

3. Traveling – While I haven’t had the opportunity so far to travel much internationally, I have traveled a bit in the U.S. with stops in 34 states. I hope to reach all 50 one day. My two international trips have been to Canada, way before you needed a passport, and most recently to Costa Rica, which was an amazing trip. I’m hoping to add another possibly international trip to my list in the next year or so.

I love traveling to both new places and places I have been too many times to count. There are so many things to see and I hope I never lose the desire to explore. Below are some photos from my travels.

Anchorage, Alaska - Nov. 2008

Anchorage, Alaska – Nov. 2008

Hawaii - January 2010

Hawaii – January 2010

San Francisco, California - May 2010

San Francisco, California – May 2010

Newport, R.I. - March 2012

Newport, R.I. – March 2012

Arenal Region of Costa Rica - February 2015

Arenal Region of Costa Rica – February 2015

Colorado - July 2015

Colorado – July 2015

Litchfield, S.C. - Sept. 2015 (but every year since I was born actually)

Litchfield, S.C. – Sept. 2015 (but every year since I was born actually)

4. Fall – I was thinking about this the other day since the leaves are at peak color change right now where I live. It’s just so beautiful. The colors seem extra bright this year for some reason.

This beautiful tree is just at the corner of my street. It’s changed even more since I took this photo.

These are just around the corner. LOVE!

These are just around the corner. LOVE!

I love that I live in a place that gets four solidly different seasons. I love that we have a beautiful fall, that we get snow in the winter (some years more than others), beautiful flowers on the trees in the spring and a nice summer that lasts a few months. Now if you asked me to rank my favorite, I’d have to say fall and winter are tied for first, then comes summer and finally spring.

5. Baking – I have to admit, I’m no prodigy. I’m someone who has to follow a recipe exactly. Regardless, that doesn’t take away from the joy I get in baking and how much I love the smile on someone’s face when they’re loving something I made.

I’m sure I could go on and add more to this list, but that’s the list for today at this moment. Happy Friday!

What are some thing you’re loving today?


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