#LinkLove: My Favorite Links This Week


I wasn’t feeling pinspired today so I thought I’d change it up and share some of my favorite links from this past week.

  1. Have you ever stopped to think about what you actually think about when you’re running? People have asked me so I’ve pondered it a few times. I usually can’t seem to remember anything specific. The New Yorker published an article earlier this week delving into that very question.

2. We’re in prime pumpkin season. Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe? I tested out these soft glazed pumpkin sugar cookies recently and fell in love. They’re sure to hit the spot!

3. Had a blast watching the midshipmen from the Naval Academy break it down in their spin on “Uptown Funk.” Not too shabby for having a $0 budget.

4. This Runner’s World article, “Two Editors, Two Very Different Marathons” was a fun read. Which do you prefer? The small event or a big urban race?

5. Do you find yourself snacking uncontrollably at work? Or always stopping by the kitchen to see what goodies someone brought in from home? That’s me! This article from Women’s Running gave some good tips on how to handle those challenges and more.

Read or watch anything good this week while browsing online? Share something with me!


One thought on “#LinkLove: My Favorite Links This Week

  1. When I run, sometimes I imagine competing in triathlon and how exciting it would be to finish it (it’s my big goal). The only part of the pumpkin I enjoy is the seeks, roasted with a bit of salt! I”ll have to read the article from Woman’s Running because I’m a big snacker! My snacks aren’t always the healthy kind either as i love chips and chocolate.

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