Running into February


Does anyone else feel like 2016 is flying by? I can’t believe it’s February. In fact, yesterday Groundhog Day and it sounds like we’re in for an early spring…that is if you actually believe a groundhog’s predictions.

I love winter, especially the snow, so I wouldn’t mind if we had a few more snow storms. However, based on how this winter has gone and the fact that there were earthworms on the sidewalk as I walked into work in the rain this morning, I’m going to guess that Punxsutawney Phil might have lucked out in his prediction this year. I just hope it doesn’t get too hot too early this year. I have lots of training and some races on my calendar and I prefer cooler running weather. We’ll see!

After setting a goal to get back on track and consistent with my workouts last week, I’m pleased to say I did just that. In an attempt to continue the positive trend, I’ve once again mapped out this week’s workouts.

Monday – Strength Training

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Strength training, lap swimming

Thursday – Circuit training, 4 mile run

Friday – Circuit Training

Saturday – 6 mile run, core

Sunday – 13 mile run

I originally had a run planned for last night, but went to see Hubbard Street Dance Chicago instead. It was a great performance and also gave me a much needed rest day. I need to remember to also make sure I build those into my schedule. It’s always a good idea to give your body a chance to rest and recover.

I’m only getting 3 runs in this week, but I’m ok with that as it’s early in my training program. I don’t want to overdo it, especially since 4 runs a week is new for me. I’m looking forward to making progress and getting stronger as time goes by.


The next challenge is really reigning in my eating habits. I haven’t been doing so hot lately and I know this impacts the quality of my workouts. I need to get back to keeping my food journal. I had started out in January doing really well with it, but have since stopped. I’ll make that my goal for the remainder of this week.

What tips do you have for staying on track with nutrition to provide you with what you need to perform at your best?



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